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To find out, we assessed the quality of farmland and soil in Southeastern Iowa in 2020 using land price assessments from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

The homes are on N. Westminster Rd in Choctaw and are listed for $1.5 million for a 2,000 square foot two-bedroom house, 1,500 square feet of office space and two bathrooms.

The property consists of 580 hectares of pasture land for cattle, 230 hectares for coconut production, 240 hectares for a lake or pond, 30 hectares for a house and a pool, 405 hectares for native trees and shrubs, 15 hectares for sand, 120 hectares for water, 60 hectares of grassland, 40 hectares in the form of a stream, 80 hectares and 30,000 square meters of office space. The 76 hectare property is located on a 1,500 square metre plot on the south side of Choctaw.

Find out if you are in the Midwest and what types of hunting and recreation areas are sold and found nationwide. Our experienced agents and brokers can help you find and sell these species, as well as hunting and fishing sites in your area. Midwest Real Estate is dedicated to the purchase and sale of homes, farmland and commercial properties in southeastern Kansas.

Will County has the most land for sale and our expert brokerage understands the sale of farmland. Land Co. of Minnesota is also in Wisconsin Forest Land sale in the Midwest, and Will County in Minnesota.

Where significant parts of the country have trees or where the country contains a significant number of trees. Remote private properties, including Wisconsin land for sale, and remote private property in the Midwest.

Click on Mobile Home Parks for Sale in Illinois for a list of Mobile Home Parks for sale in the State of Illinois. For sales in your city, look at the ready-to-live apartment sharing in South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, North Dakota and South Carolina, as well as the manufacturing homes in those cities.

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If you are considering selling your farm, call us today and put it up for sale with our trusted auction team. Our partnership allows us to serve you by having certified appraisers and a reputable auction company that handles real estate transactions.

Real estate listings are held by brokerage firms and other companies and are labeled as "MREs" or "Great Retirement Location," as they are also found in southern Illinois. These real estate listings offer you the opportunity to sell in one of the most desirable areas of South Dakota and Nebraska. The property includes a detached house, two detached houses, a farmhouse and a small farm with barn and barn.

UC Hunting Properties offers hunting land for sale that includes hunting waterfowl, deer, elk, elk, coyote, duck, turkey and other wildlife. This hunt offers the opportunity to hunt white-tailed deer as well as other species such as black bears, cougars, foxes, wild boars, wolves and even some black bear and coyote species.

More About South Sioux

More About South Sioux